Moving on Up - Say Hello to Quintus

We are thrilled to share with you that PAPERMILLS is now available in Northern and Southern California via Quintus.

In San Francisco, Grey Luxe is stomping the pavement with one of our beautiful road kits and can also be seen at the Quintus Pop-Up at Coupar Consulting. 

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In Los Angeles, our products will be displayed in the stunning Quintus Showroom in the Pacific Design Center.

Are you in the LA area? Join us as we venture down to Los Angeles for Market Week.

Waking my Inner Blogger Monster

Before I forget, please. Let me welcome you to PAPERMILLS blog. 
Thank you so much for visiting my website and taking an interest in what I do. 

My name is Amy Mills, and the purpose of this blog, my publicist tells me, is to build the brand awareness of PAPERMILLS. So, here's a little bit about me. 

Amy Mills

I work tirelessly behind the scenes block printing wallpaper the old fashioned way. I get through the trials and tribulations of owning my own business by having a pretty finely tuned sense of humor. I started  PAPERMILLS ten years ago with my sister, and we are still going strong. It's an accomplishment I am quite proud of. 

Self-promoter I am not ... But I want to reach a wider audience with what I'm passionate about, and here I am. Like most artisans, sometimes my creative processor gets stuck on critical. I know I need to try new things, but now I find myself awake at three am these days with my mind reeling with ideas for the blog. I'm excited to share with all of you!